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Style advice

Style advice

Style Advice is a complete study that analyzes all the physical aspects to consider for an optimal personal image from a beauty perspective. The results of the study can be applied to any need that you present, either from your day to day, from a work meeting, an interview, a party or event, or a date, etc.


Not only will you know what clothes and what colours to wear, you also will know how to wear it, how to continue the style, take it and make it yours. In time you wont have to think about it, you will automatically do it because you will have acquired a style of your own. It's just as important as to what to wear, as to how to wear it.


Style advice contains three types of studies:

- Body shape analysis

- Face shape analysis

- Color Analysis


At the end of the study I will give you a dossier with the results so that you can consult it whenever you want to know the colours, shapes and textures that will make your image an excellent image. If you want your image to be spectacular and suitable for any day and time, contact me.


If you prefer, we can do the studies separately. Contact me and I will explain the procedure and the conditions for each type of study; the body and face shape and the colour analysis.


Tel. (+34) 606 465 466
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