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Hello I’m Esmeralda; I grew up surrounded by realms of thread and fabrics. My father´s profession was in the textile industry and I remember seeing and passing through mountains and narrow aisles that gave way to hundreds of realms of thread, most of which were a greyish white colour, in the shape of a cone and with a characteristic smell, a smell that I recognized as something old. I don’t know exactly the treatment that the tons of thread received, I would have liked to have visited the factory to have seen the whole process of production and transformation and to see how the fabrics came out, most of which were wool. I was however able to visit one particular factory office that I now remember like a Cary Grant movie, a very old image all in faint, discoloured colours. The offices were messy, run-down, or at least that’s how I saw them. They kept a multitude of plain fabrics or pinstriped, most of which would end up being a luxurious man´s suit. Thus, I found it boring, without colour, but now I would love to visit it, explore it and learn from all the knowledge hidden among those undressed walls. Knowledge of those passed down from generation to generation like dying material with tea! My mother does it!


From my mother I have inherited the knowledge and passion for fashion, in the widest sense of the word. I remember as a child when I came home from school and found my mother at home sewing and listening to the radio. She loved to sew, it was not her profession but a hobby, or a profession she fell in love with

She was always sewing some garment, from the beginning until the quality control. She was a perfectionist. A garment was not finished if it was not perfect, she did it again, she undid it, did it again and undid it again until she reached the highest perfection. And from time to time I would peek my head in and without asking I would receive a master class of why it was not well done. From each piece I created, I learned what I was doing, what kind of fabric it was, why I was doing it this way and not the other way, what design had inspired me, what kind of sleeve was it, raglan, Japanese, riding, I learned this before the Multiplication table! At that moment I didn´t know if I liked it, I just listened, gave my opinion and absorbed knowledge.

I can say that during my life I have studied each and every one of the haute couture figurines of each season, examining every little detail, every crease, every clamp, every neck ...

My first job was in the back office of a fashion show as stylist assistant, I remember them paying me with a bill of 5,000 pesetas; I was about 15 years old at the time. It was amazing, that’s when a hurricane inside of me started, it was a perfect, everything was falling into place.

When I was little I wanted to be a hairdresser, as a teenager a journalist, I loved writing, I even won a prize in writing while at high school. I finally studied tourism and business.

I have worked in multinationals, although most of my working adult life I have spent in the banking sector.

I am a mother of both a boy and a girl and motherhood stirred my feelings and the desire to do what I love. Dedicate myself to fashion, have a project of my own and give shape to this passion and drive of mine

And here I am, writing this biography for my website that I hope will be the beginning of a very beautiful project.

Esmeralda Domingo - Style Consultancy


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